Pre-Launch Marketing

Generate Interest Before Release

Research Target Audience

Create Landing Page

Build Email List

Attract Beta Readers for Reviews

Set-up Amazon Author Profile

I'm Almost Ready
Publishing Services

Ensure Final Project is Attractive and Error Free

Format Book for Electronic Readers and Print

Complete Setup for Online Sales

Oversee Interior Layout Design

Oversee Cover Design

Obtain ISBN

Solicit Reviews

I need help
Book Release

Generate Sales

Set-up and Administer Social Media Ad Campaigns

Set-up and Administer Sweepstakes and Contests

Set-up andAdminster Virtual Events

Pull Quotes from the Book for Social Media

I'm ready to start selling
Author Branding

Build on Momentum from Book Release

Create and Implement Social Media Strategy

Create and Implement Email Marketing Strategy

Write and Optimize for Search Engines Book Descriptions

Write and Optimize for Search Engines Author Blurbs

Let's Keep This Going