At a very young age, I decided I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to teach high school social studies; God wanted me to teach Windows, WordPerfect, Word, and a bunch more software packages to businesses. I loved my job as a software trainer and help desk support analyst for a major law firm.

While it was stressful at times being a full-time working Mom to our daughter, my husband and I made it work. When our son was born, the cons began to outweigh the pros: the commute, the expense of two children under 6 in daycare, the exhaustion, and yes the Mom guilt. 

We knew something had to give and it was my job. I don’t regret my decision, I know it was the right thing for our family.

While raising our family, I started several businesses I could do from home. 

  • My love of stories led me to become a Creative Memories consultant
  • As digital imaging technology advanced, I saw an opportunity and started Remember when Digital Services. I offered scanning services of photos and slides, video slideshows and home movie conversions.
  • I missed teaching, and I wanted to try my hand at writing. I had the idea of writing a series of ebooks teaching women of my age how to use technology. The biggest problem I ran into was that women of my generation had not made the switch to ebooks yet. 
  • Rather than write a series of ebooks, I rewrote and expanded my first ebook and published both ebook and print versions. The title of the book is  The Retired Housewife’s Guide to Understanding Technology. 

Looking back, the book was a little to party-girl, but I am proud of it because I:

  • wrote it
  • designed the interior layout and cover
  • published it in both an ebook and a print version
  • listed it on Amazon
  • sold more than 100 copies
  • and am still occasionally surprised with a deposit from Amazon, when someone buys the book.

I started a website and established a social media presence based on the Retired Housewife. I am excited about the opportunities I see as a Virtual Assistant for Christian writers,  but am reluctant to abandon the Retired Housewife brand for a couple of reasons:

  1. I still see so much potential for sharing my uses of technology in everyday living. 
  2. I have invested a lot of time and money in the brand and
  3. this site and my social media presence present an opportunity to promote Christian books and authors to a broader audience.

I am working hard to add online courses in marketing and publishing specifically for Christian authors. I value your feedback and would like to know what topics you are interested in learning.

You know the saying “we plan, God, laughs?”  To say, the Retired Housewife, a business I started years ago did not turn out the way I planned would be an understatement.

As the Retired Housewife I wrote, self-published,  and promoted a book titled, CatchUpThe Retired Housewife’s Guide for the Technically Challenged. I even sold enough of them to afford a nice dinner out with my family. I had plans to write an entire series and offer tutorials on my website.

When my son sustained two concussions within three weeks I was no longer the Retired Housewife; I was a terrified Mom not sure how to help my son. Over the next four years my time, energy, almost every waking moment was dedicated to helping him overcome the challenges he faced due to his traumatic brain injuries.

A lot changed in those four years. The most significant was my deepening faith in God. I turned to God in prayer and sought his guidance in Bible study. My number one priority was my son, but I did occasionally ask what was next for me. 

I wasn’t sure how God felt about the Retired Housewife and thought of abandoning the brand. I prayed about it, a lot and decided to maintain the website and Facebook page. I will use this online presence to share some of my other interests. But I will also use it to reach a broader audience for my clients and their works.